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Earn money for the songs you write or compose. Publish your songs
worldwide with us and collect all the songwriting royalties you deserve.

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How can I publish my music?


Sign up and

Just sign up and register your account with HarDan music Group. Now, you can access our easy-to-use dashboard and 100+ stores to distribute your music worldwide.


Collect your

Once you register your songs, leave the rest to us. We will help you collect all your publishing royalties from multiple stores on your behalf so that you don’t miss any.


Pitch your Music for Radio, TV, Films, Ads, etc.

Thanks to our sync licensing team! Now you can relax as our music pitching experts will help you pitch your music on the right platforms. Now, all you need to do is to embrace a global fanbase.


Get Paid

Finally! Here is the fun part. You start earning publishing royalties automatically into your account whenever someone streams, downloads, or plays your music.

Music Publishing Royalties You Get


Mechanical royalties are generated
whenever someone reproduces your music
on streaming platforms.

Performance Royalties

Performance royalties are generated
whenever someone requests for the right to
play your music on public platforms.

Sync Royalties

Sync royalties refer to what you earn
whenever someone uses your music in any
type of content, whether it is in
advertisements, YouTube videos, a movie,
Tiktok videos, or live shows.


Secure your Neighbouring Rights with
HarDan Music today. Our experts help you
earn royalties for all your master recordings
and contributions.

Your Best Music Publishing Partner

Are you an artist? No more worries about publishing music or collecting royalties. We help you publish music on the right platform and get you the royalties you deserve.

Collect your publishing
royalties with authority.

Once you appoint HarDan Music Group as your publishing partner, you focus more on creating some
amazing music and we focus on publishing them on the right platform and managing your
music rights effectively.

No joining fee. No CC required.

No joining fee. No CC required.